Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Hydro Boost Power Brakes

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What are hydro boost power brakes and how do they work?

Hydroboost brakes are hydraulic brakes that work off your power steering system.

What are the benefits of using hydro boost power brakes?

You will have to stop on the dime braking power even in your most extreme braking needs.

Can hydro boost power brakes be installed on any vehicle?

We can fit most any vehicle as long as they have disc/drum or disc/disc brakes.

How do hydro boost power brakes differ from traditional vacuum power brakes?

Vacuum brake systems only allow you to stop with the vacuum that your vehicle puts out. If you have upgraded your motor or your axles or added ram assist, most vacuum systems can’t produce enough power to stop completely without having to stand on your brakes.

Are hydro boost power brakes more expensive than other brake systems?

Yes they are a little more expensive but isn’t your safety worth it.

Are there any maintenance requirements for hydro boost power brakes?

Hydroboost are pretty much maintenance free, flushing your system every couple of years is a good idea. And the unit itself will last 15-20 years until you need to have seals replaced.

Can hydro boost power brakes improve braking performance?

Yes your braking will improve 2000%

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Are hydro boost power brakes compatible with ABS systems?

Most eliminate the abs system all together but yes it is compatible.

Can hydro boost power brakes be installed as an aftermarket upgrade?

Yes we can build a system for vehicles from the 30’s up.

Are there any specific safety considerations for using hydro boost power brakes?

Be careful if you are new to the system the stopping stroke is 1 – 1 ½” as compared to 3-4”

How long do hydro boost power brakes typically last before needing replacement?

They last around 15 – 20 years and you can get them rebuilt or purchase a new one.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using hydro boost power brakes?

For some the brakes are just too touchy.

Can hydro boost power brakes be retrofitted onto older vehicles?

Yes they are a simple bolt on and can be customized to fit any vehicle

Can hydro boost power brakes be used for heavy-duty or commercial vehicles?

For some, if your system is hydro-vac then it isn’t recommended.

What brands or manufacturers offer hydro boost power brake systems?

Bosch and Bendix or you can get one from overseas.

Are there any DIY installation instructions or tutorials available for hydro boost power brakes?

We supply complete instructions and there are many Youtube videos available.

Do hydro boost power brakes require any specific type of brake fluid?

They use the standard DOT 3 for the master cylinder and a good line of Power steering fluid.

What are some signs or symptoms that indicate hydro boost power brakes may need to be repaired or replaced?

Loss of power to your brakes, wining or groaning. Even if your brakes go out the accumulator kicks in and you will have manual brakes.

Are there any specific training or qualifications required for installing or maintaining hydro boost power brakes?

Anyone can install the kit. Standard installation time is 2-3 hours.

Where can I purchase hydro boost power brake systems or components?

You can purchase the system from Vanco PBS and other dealers.

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